Candidates can easily access a form to request deletion of their personal data through any message/email sent via Polymer. More details on the candidate experience are included in the article: How candidates can request data deletion.

How your organization will be notified of the candidate request

When a candidate requests personal data deletion via Polymer's form, the organization owner will always receive an email notification containing a link to one of the candidate's applications.

Also, the candidate's overview feed will immediately be updated to show "Candidate requested to have data deleted". This will be visible to all hiring-team members for all jobs containing the candidate.

All jobs containing the candidate means every job the candidate applied to, was manually added to (same email address), was copied to, or was moved to in your organization.

Deleting the candidate's data

To complete this request, select the three dot overflow menu shown below and choose the option "Delete candidate data".

A confirmation modal should then appear. The modal explains that all of the candidate's personally-identifying data will be deleted from all of the candidate's applications - in any job in your organization.

This action is irreversible. To complete the data deletion, select the "Delete" button in the confirmation modal.

What remains of the application will be archived. The "candidate" is renamed "Anonymized candidate."

Confirm the request is complete

You can confirm the request is complete by immediately looking in the "Archived" hiring-stage and viewing the latest "Anonymized candidate". In the overview feed you will see a "deleted candidate" event followed by an "archived candidate" event.

More on personally-identifying data

In addition to information such as names, social media links, and contact information, personally-identifying data includes any application answers and all files associated with the application - whether uploaded by your organization or received from the candidate.

The candidate's record of the completion of a data deletion request

While your organization will have no record of the email, the candidate will receive an email confirming that your organization deleted their personal data in Polymer.

If a candidate requests personal data deletion without submitting Polymer's request form, you may wish to request the candidate submit the form in order to receive the automatic confirmation email. However, you are able to delete candidate data without the form submission.

Read more about the candidate experience and submission of the request form in this article: How candidates can request data deletion.

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