Candidates (job applicants) may want to protect their data privacy by requesting that your organization delete their personal data.

While candidates may informally request this through a variety of ways, using Polymer's candidate data deletion process will insure that both you and the candidate have a record of the completion of the request.

Candidate access to the data deletion request form

Candidates who apply via the job board will automatically receive an email from Polymer confirming their application.

In this email, or any message you send to a candidate via Polymer's email messaging system (including manually added candidates), the following will appear at the end of the email: "To manage your data click here."

Candidate submission of the request

Once the candidate selects the "click here" link the following page will open in a new tab.

The candidate's email address will be pre-filled in the form as seen above. The checkbox will initially be empty - by checking the box the candidate confirms understanding that this is a request to delete their data.

Candidates should note that this request is company or organization specific - in this example, the organization is "Amazonian Apparel".

To complete the request, candidates should click the "Submit request" button. Following submission of the form, the candidate should see the webpage below.

Once the candidate submits the request the organization will be informed and is able to take the steps needed to delete the Candidate's data as outlined in the followup article: Completing a candidate's request for data deletion.

Candidates receive email confirmation upon request completion

Finally, once the data deletion request is complete, the candidate will receive a confirmation email, such as the below.

This completes the candidate's experience. To read about what the organization needs to do to complete the request continue reading: Completing a candidate's request for data deletion.

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