Polymer makes it easy for you to create jobs, set up your job board, add team members, and preview how your job board and jobs will look before ever providing any payment information!

Once you are ready to publish a job posting publicly, you can start a free trial with Polymer for 14 days and start getting candidate applications through your job board.

Starting your free trial

To start your free trial, just choose the first job you want to publish and click the Publish job post button.

This will open a prompt to Start your free trial by setting up your subscription. Just click the Continue button to proceed.

Read more about Polymer's flexible subscription model on our pricing page.

Adding a payment method

You'll be taken to the free trial checkout screen where you can add your desired payment method for the subscription.

During your free trial, you can publish as many jobs as you desire. Once the trial period is over our per job pricing model will start billing for any jobs still published at that time.

Read more on creating a job or starting a subscription:

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