Markdown is a powerful way to write content for the web. It’s a lightweight markup language with plain-text-formatting.

Unlike cumbersome word processing applications, text written in Markdown can easily be shared between computers or applications. It produces structured, well-formatted content that can be leveraged in powerful ways.

A quick start to markdown

Writing well-formatted content in Markdown is fast—which is perfect for use in things like candidate interviews, where you’re often documenting events and thoughts in real time. Your hands never have to leave the keyboard because there’s no need to mouse through complex formatting UIs.

If you have a few minutes, you can learn Markdown. This short guide is all you need to get started.




# Big header
## Medium header
### Small header
#### Tiny header


* Generic list item
* Generic list item
* Generic list item

1. Numbered list item
2. Numbered list item
3. Numbered list item

[Text to display](


> This is a quote.
> It can span multiple lines!



And that's the basics! Our editor makes it super easy to learn. By providing formatting buttons to fall back on, you always have an easy way to be reminded of the syntax.

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