In Polymer, you can manually add a new candidate to a job you have access to. Users with the Member role can only add candidates to jobs they are assigned to as part of the hiring team. Admins can can add a candidate to any job.

To manually add a candidate click the three-dot overflow action menu in the top-right of the page when viewing a job and select the option "Add new candidate".

After clicking "Add new candidate", you'll be presented with a form that shows all the editable data fields for that candidate. This includes contact information, various links, source, and desired compensation.

Fill out all the fields you have information for and click the "Create candidate" button to add the candidate profile to the job.

Following candidate creation, you will always be able to add missing information or update information. You can also upload a candidate's resume by selecting the "Resume" tab and either clicking "Select a file" or by dragging and dropping a file.

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